Q.    What is a backflow device?

     A.     It is a device that has been installed on your lawn irrigation system as required by the state of Indiana. It is designed to prevent contamination of

            the public water supply.


     Q.    Do I have a backflow device on my irrigation system?

     A.     Yes.  Most all lawn irrigation systems that are connected to a city water supply have a backflow device connected to it.


     Q.    Where is my backflow device?

     A.     Backflow devices are normally located in close proximity to your water meter pit in your front yard or up next to your house behind the landscaping.


     Q.    What does it look like?

     A.     A brass device supported by two pieces of PVC pipe which stands aproximately 12-18 inches above ground level.


     Q.    Why do I have to have it tested once a year?

     A.    It is a requirement of the state of Indiana that each customer served by a public water system protect their water from potentially contaminating

            the public water supply.  It is also required that these devices be tested annually and results be sent to your water company.


     Q.   How can I get my backflow tested?

     A.   As a lawn irrigation company we have two licensed, certified backflow testers on staff that can help you comply with the state regulations. Testing is

           usually performed during the spring start-up. A copy of the results are left with the customer and another is sent to your water company.


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